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Taxonomy Training Courses for Environmental Professionals

FSC is committed to career development and professional training in the environment and is one of the UK's leading providers of taxonomy training courses. Each year we offer a wide range of taxonomy courses, many of which are accredited and certified by awarding bodies, to help individuals develop their skills. Some allow participants to earn hours or points towards Continuing Professional Development Schemes. They are suitable for people with a professional and vocational interest in the environment. This may include planners or biodiversity officers, as well as professionals, students and naturalists who are keen to develop their skills in environmental surveying, identification, monitoring and assessment.


Choosing a course suitable for your career development

The courses suitable for professional development are listed amongst all our natural history courses. To help you identify a taxonomy course suitable for you, they have been split by subject matter and graded according to the level of experience required (detailed below). You can use these and other criteria to search for suitable courses. Alternatively you can browse through all our natural history courses

Choose from the options below to find the course you want. You will only be shown results that match all of your choices.

Natural History and Taxonomy Course Levels

Open to everyone: courses where tutors are able to support learners at all levels

Beginner: introductory courses for those new or relatively new to the subject

Intermediate: courses aimed at those who want to know more about a subject with which they are already familiar with.

Advanced: courses for those wishing to hone their skills, which require some prior knowledge or skills in the subject area (though not necessarily the detailed subject matter).