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Sand Dune Plants Identification Chart

  • Code: OP43
  • Author(s): Edmondson & Roberts
  • Date: 1997
  • Price : £3.00

Arranged by habitat with distance from high-tide level, this chart shows 43 common species of plants found in sand dunes. These include strand-line and embryo dune species (such as sea sandwort and saltwort), plants found growing in mobile dunes (such as marram grass and sea holly), plants found in semi-fixed dunes (such as red fescue) and the plants of fixed dunes (such as creeping buttercup). Plants found growing in dune slacks (such as creeping willow) are also included.

The reverse of the chart features a key based on the non-flowering parts of the illustrated plants, allowing plants to be identified even when not in flower. Both a glossary with concise definitions of technical terms and line drawings to support the definitions are included. This chart is suitable for GCSE and A level fieldwork investigations.

This is just one of the FSC's range of fold-out charts, designed to help users identify of a wide range of plants and animals. Each chart is laminated to make it splashproof and robust for use outdoors. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups.

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