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Soil types: a field identification guide

  • Code: 196
  • Author(s): Trudgill
  • Date: 1989
  • Price : £6.00

This AIDGAP field guide is intended to help students to identify soils in the field in the British Isles.

It contains two soil identification keys: an introductory soil key which is designed to enable beginners to identify major soil groups; then, a more advanced soil types key to subdivisions of soil types. Rather than disappointing students when they invariably don't find the 'ideal' brown earth or podsol in the field, the keys encourage users to focus on the effects of water movement, aeration and organic matter which can be observed in all soils.

AIDGAP produces simple and clearly written identification keys, aimed at non-specialist users from age 16+. The FSC is one of the UK's leading publishers of identification guides, ranging from easy to use fold-out charts through intermediate level AIDGAP guides, to specialist books such as the Synopses of the British Fauna and RES Handbooks.

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