If you can’t come to us maybe we can come to you, with our outreach packages our expert staff will come to your school. Working in your school grounds or local area your tutor will ensure that your pupils get a hands-on learning experience in a Covid-secure way.  

Activities will be curriculum linked but will also encourage child-led discovery and exploration to foster enjoyment and curiosity about the natural world, as well as support holistic child development e.g. listening skills, independence, fine and gross motor skills, physical literacy.

Children will explore their surroundings and observe living things in the environment. The day will allow them to identify and describe the basic structure of flowering plants, including roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. They will have the opportunity to identify and name a variety of plants and trees, and those classified as deciduous and evergreen. Pupils will benefit from learning outside the classroom, build confidence and resilience and use their curiosity to engage with the natural world.

What’s included in Outreach Trees and Plants day?

  • Teacher guidance documents and Objectives
  • Fieldwork day with one of our expert tutors in your school grounds or local area (within walking distance from school)


£260 per class (max number 32)

Example Timetable

This course usually runs from 9.30am-3.00pm but times can be adjusted to suit your group and travel plans. During the day we will undertake a number of activities, games and investigations (the exact activities will depend on the topic chosen). We will break for lunch at a suitable time. Please note that specific activities for your group are subject to change. We go out in all weathers and seasons and will tailor the content of the day accordingly. Some activities are only offered at certain times of the year.

How this course fulfills the specification

England: National Curriculum - Science: Working Scientifically, Plants, Seasonal Changes, Living Things and Their Habitats

Scotland Curriculum for Excellence - Science: Planet Earth; Biodiversity and Interdependence

Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum - The World Around Us: Interdependence, Place, Movement and Energy, Change Over Time

Primary School Curriculum (Ireland) - Living things: Plants and animals, Environmental awareness and care: Science and the environment, Caring for the environment, Working scientifically

Curriculum For Wales - Interdependence of organisms, AOLE 2022: Science and Technology. The world around us is full of living things which depend on each other for survival, Being curious and searching for answers is essential to understanding and predicting phenomena

Added value of this course

  • Develop personal skills
  • Have fun
  • Be inspired by a passion for the outdoors

Why Choose FSC?

  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff

  • Stunning locations across the UK

  • Outstanding curriculum knowledge

  • Rigorous health and safety procedures

  • Support before and after your visit

  • Free places for visiting staff