Topic: ‘Downstream change in a fluvial environment’ This session links with Unit 3: Fieldwork of the CCEA specification and will cover elements of Unit 1: Understanding Our World (Theme A: River Environments).

Students will carry out a fieldwork investigation based around a chosen fluvial topic, issue or question related to Unit 1 (Theme: A). They will examine and gain first-hand experience of how erosion, transportation and deposition contrast at various sites along the Shimna River, as well as the associated landforms found in fluvial environments. Working in groups students will identify sources of data and methods of data collection to meet the requirements under the assessed 1 hour written examination. Students will also be provided with our investigation booklet, designed to guide them through the process and gather information required for constructing their fieldwork statement and table of data.

Example Timetable

Arrival: 9.30am

Introduction session (classroom):

  • Group brief
  • Investigation worksheets, hypotheses, methods
  • Equipment
  • Health & safety
  • Depart for field sites on school bus

Fieldwork (Shimna River)

  • Students will visit up to five sites along the course of the Shimna River.
  • Measurements taken at all sites include:
    • Width
    • Depth – Systematic Sampling x 11 intervals
    • Pebble size and shape – Systematic Sampling x 11 intervals
    • Velocity – Random x 2 intervals

Break for food may be taken in the field

Departure: 3.30pm

Added value of this course

  • Develop personal skills
  • Have fun
  • Be inspired by a passion for the subject
  • Build friendships

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