The day is designed to allow students to gain practical experience in geographical skills and techniques. Including map skills, weather and fieldwork on contrasting places.

Example Timetable

This course usually runs from 10am – 3pm. There will be an allocated lunch slot, the timing will depend on the final course programme.

Pre Visit / Prior Learning 

  • Be aware of the geographical route to enquiry.
  • Be aware of the location to be visited and key characteristics about it.


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Setting and sharing Objectives


  • Understanding maps and grid references.
    • Students will take part in an activity to understand grid references.
    • Students will draw their own map of the local area creating appropriate symbols and key.
    • Students will learn to use a compass to navigate. Using basic navigation techniques, they will do a simple orienteering exercise, or trail.
  • Weather and Climate
    • Using fieldwork equipment, students will carry out a mini investigation of weather and microclimate in two contrasting locations.


  • Mini investigation: People and Place / Ecosystems (exact investigation will depend on Centre booked)
    • Students will plan and carry out a mini investigation using appropriate sampling methods, fieldwork equipment and data collection.
    • Analysis of the data will be carried out in the field, including drawing conclusions and evaluating their results.


How this course fulfills the specification

Key Stage 3 Geography 

  • Geographical Skills and fieldwork
    • build on their knowledge of globes, maps and atlases and apply and develop this knowledge routinely in the classroom and in the field
    • interpret Ordnance Survey maps in the classroom and the field, including using grid references and scale, topographical and other thematic mapping, and aerial and satellite photographs
    • use fieldwork in contrasting locations to collect, analyse and draw conclusions.

Added value of this course

  • Develop personal skills
  • Have fun
  • Be inspired by a passion for the subject
  • Build friendships

Why Choose Field Studies Council?

  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff

  • Stunning locations across the UK

  • Outstanding curriculum knowledge

  • Rigorous health and safety procedures

  • Support before and after your visit

  • Free places for visiting staff