We are delighted to be able to offer some of our fantastic Digital A Level Geography course packages at a subsidised rate through the Generation Green project FSC is part of. This offer is for eligible schools only.

The subsidised packages include five completely online courses which allow you to undertake virtual field trips and cover key fieldwork topics. It is largely funded by the project so you and your students can benefit from these excellent digital resources at a much lower rate.

All our online courses are carefully linked to the curriculum, and are an invaluable resource to reduce prep time and ensure high quality content delivered digitally.

Apply by simply completing the form at the end of this page, we do have a limited number available so getting in touch as soon as possible is recommended.

A Level Geography subsidised packages include:

Three x Standard Digital courses OR Three x Advanced Digital courses covering:

  • Coastal Fieldwork Skills
  • Carbon Fieldwork Skills
  • Place Fieldwork Skills


Two Enhancement Modules:

  • Quantitative Data Analysis for A Level Geography
  • Qualitative Data Analysis for A Level Geography

Standard Digital level £1 per student (non-subsidised rate £6) for the package of five courses

Advanced Digital level £3 per student (non-subsidised rate £8) for the package of five courses

Which level is right for me and my students?

Advanced Digital courses provide an additional suite of pre-recorded interactive introduction and follow up video lessons to ensure that you can complete the whole virtual field trip. With a handout to run alongside we can cover topic content and/or investigation set up in the introduction as well as analysis skills, conclusions, and evaluation of the study in the follow up.

By opting for the advanced digital level you are buying time to focus on supporting your students and differentiating to their specific needs, instead of delivering the introduction and follow up yourself, which you would need to do in the standard digital package.

More detail on the courses

How to apply

Please complete the form below with your details and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm if you are eligible, and progress the order.

Places are limited so please contact us early.

  • Subsidised packages include access to all resources until 31st December 2021.
  • You must declare and pay the required £1/£3 for every student who will have access to the materials. 

Note: the dates of trip and number of days fields are not applicable so can be marked n/a.

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