Our Advanced Digital packages give you access to a fully FSC-led virtual field trip to one of our spectacular field sites in class. Our video lessons will guide students through the enquiry process, giving you time to focus on supporting your learners.

Watch our video introduction explaining more and showing examples of the resources included

How this course fulfils the specification

Students will see the spectacular rocky shore on the Isle of Cumbrae. Using these Digital resources students will have the opportunity to describe environmental gradients on the rocky shore, justify sampling strategies and fieldwork methodologies and formulate conclusions linking biotic and abiotic data from this diverse marine habitat.

  • AQA: 3.4.5 Species and taxonomy, 3.4.3 Energy and ecosystems, 3.7.4 Populations in ecosystems
  • OCR Biology A: Module 1 – Development of practical skills in biology, Module 4 – Biodiversity, evolution and disease, and Module 6 – Genetics, evolution and ecosystems
  • Eduqas Biology: Component 1 Energy for lie, and Component 2 Continuity for life
  • OCR Biology B: Module 1: Development of practical skills in biology, and Module 3: Cell division, development and disease control
  • Edexcel Biology A: Topic 4: Biodiversity and Natural resources, and Topic 5: On the wild side
  • Edexcel Biology B: Topic 3: Classification and biodiversity
  • WJEC Biology: Unit 3 Energy homeostasis and the environment, and Unit 5 Population size and ecosystems

Added value of the course

  • Data set from a real-fieldwork environment.
  • Teacher Guidance on how to make effective use these advanced digital resources within your classroom to maximise learning for your students.
  • Expert knowledge from FSC’s fieldwork tutors at all stages of the enquiry.
  • Deliver fieldwork skills to match the pace and progression of your students.

Why go Advanced?

As well as the guidance and fieldwork video available in the digital packages, the advanced digital packages offer a chance for teachers to really utilise the expertise of FSC tutors to embed the fieldwork in the student’s learning.

Advanced digital provides an additional suite of pre-recorded interactive introduction and follow up video lessons to ensure that you can complete the whole virtual field trip in class.  With a handout to run alongside we can cover topic content and/or investigation set up in the introduction as well as analysis skills, conclusions, and evaluation of the study in the follow up.

By opting for the advanced digital level you are buying time to focus on supporting your students and differentiating to their specific needs, instead of delivering the introduction and follow up yourself, which you would need to do in the digital package.

screenshot of tutor on rocky shore

If you would like to extend this course we have the following digital Enhancement Modules available:

What's Included

What’s included in this Advanced Digital Rocky Shore Ecology investigation?

  • Teacher guidance document and objectives.
  • Video lesson introduction of location and planning.
  • Video lesson of fieldwork data collection methods.
  • Video lesson follow-up of data presentation, analysis, conclusions and evaluation.
    All videos can be played in class as many times as you want.
  • Student handouts to guide students with their investigation.
  • Resources for teacher-led follow up to the enquiry.
  • A single user licence and log in for unlimited use in class at one school site. Any number of teachers at the school site can use the resources. Handouts can be downloaded and printed for any number of students at the school site.

If you would like to purchase a user licence for multiple school sites please contact us.