Do you have natural history expertise and a desire to inspire and engage others in your learning?

The Field Studies Council has an 80-year history of delivering high quality natural history courses across the country, and we want to up-skill and invest in new tutors to continue to inspire and engage others with the natural world.

What will the course cover?
Theories of teaching and learning
Examples of virtual engagement tools
Management of online groups
Zoom display settings for tutors

Who should attend?
Anybody who wishes to further develop their online training skills to inspire and engage others with the natural world is welcome to register. However, if you are attending with the intention of becoming a Field Studies Council tutor, please note that we ask that you can demonstrate the following:

Expertise in your chosen area of biodiversity/natural history/ecology.
Experience in training of adults to achieve learning outcomes for their personal interest or professional development.

Tutor: Dan Asaw

Dan is a keen educator and Coleopterist. He has experience working within education as a teaching assistant and loves the opportunity to share his experiences and knowledge with a range of audiences. Dan's interest in invertebrates started at a young age and as a teenager he was already rearing praying mantids in his bedroom. From there, he began rearing exotic invertebrate disease vectors for scientific research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

In his spare time, he has volunteered integrating UK beetles into the Natural History Museum Collection. He is often found digging through wood piles and utilising a variety of trapping methods to find and identify beetles. He is an active member of the Herts Invertebrate project and Hertfordshire Natural History Society, and has helped generate some significant county records in this capacity.

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