Explore the fascinating world of bird songs and calls in this beginner-intermediate course. Learn to identify and interpret the sounds of the birds around you!

This beginner-intermediate bird song course will enable you to engage more with the natural world by getting to know the birds around you! You will learn a variety of ways to identify birds by their song and other types of call, helping you to accurately record species. You will also cover some visual ID based on markings, behaviour and habitat, and you will also learn to interpret bird behaviour and calls as an effective way to discover what other wildlife is around.

There will be some classroom sessions and plenty of time outside to listen and practice under the guidance of your expert tutor.

Tutor: Dan Puplett

Dan Puplett is a naturalist, conservationist and environmental educator, and has been involved in a wide range of conservation projects. He is a certified wildlife tracker and is one of the first people in Europe to achieve a 100% score in Track and Sign under the rigorous international system for evaluation trackers. Dan is the author of the FSC Guide to British Bird Tracks & Signs and teaches naturalist field skills to people of all ages.

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