This course looks at adding colour to pen and ink drawings. We look at a variety of techniques that can enhance your pen & ink work including watercolour washes.

Focusing on the changes that occur in visual hierarchy with the inclusion of colour, we consider how colour can be used to express relative tone and the complexities of creating a visual hierarchy when combining techniques. This course is a must for anyone who wants to develop their colour work, but there is still plenty to enjoy if you are a beginner.

Tutor: Debora Cane

Debora Cane is an enthusiastic art tutor with over 35 years of experience. All of her courses concentrate on simple concepts and practical techniques and are suitable for everyone; no previous experience is required. Every session has planned content and takes varying approaches to help students build up their own techniques and style. Debora draws and paints daily (mainly in pen & ink) and undertakes illustrations for small commissions. She is a Professional Associate of the SAA.

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Before You Attend

What to Bring

  • Cartridge paper (140gsm or above, A4 size) either loose sheets or in a
  • Pencils (2B, HB).
  • Rubber.
  • A couple of black drawing pens, these need to be pigment fine liners (they
    need to be non-water-soluble). I would recommend any of the Faber Castell
    Pitt artists pens, or the Sigma Micron, or Staedtler pigment fine liners.
  • Coloured pens: at least one red, one blue, one brown (Faber Castell Pitt artists
    pens, or the Sigma Micron, or Staedtler pigment fine liners).
  • Small set of watercolours and perhaps some more coloured pens of varying
    thickness if you have them, and/or a few coloured pencils if you have them.