This beginner online course will introduce you to the complex world of mosses, liverworts and hornworts, collectively known as bryophytes.

Have you ever wondered what makes up the bright green carpets on rocks and trees? If you take a closer look, a diverse and prehistoric world is revealed. With over half of all European Bryophyte species present in the UK there is so much to explore!

This course is a gentle introduction to bryophytes, which can be quite a complicated group to first begin with. The course covers their biology, ecology and where you can find them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get outside and put your newfound knowledge into practice, alongside guidance from an expert tutor and other learners. The course is at a beginner level due to the nature of this group and is a great place to start for those with a botanical interest who are thinking about taking their first steps into the world of Bryophytes.


Tutor: Lucia Ruffino

Lucia Ruffino is a bryologist and free-lance botanical surveyor living and working in North Wales. Lucia’s botanical knowledge has developed over the years from an amateur background and she now specialises in NVC surveys in upland and peatland habitats.

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