This beginner online QGIS course will teach you how to use the QGIS interface and begin to build, style, and present maps.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) underpin much of our modern life, from navigation to social media. The ability to utilise GIS is becoming essential for many jobs, including ecologists, engineers, educators, emergency services, and many, many more.

In this course, we discover the basics of using QGIS in the context of environmental information. This course will take you through each step at an easy and accessible pace. With the support of our expert tutor, you will become confident with the QGIS interface, allowing you to build, style, and present maps.

Tutor: Flavia Occhibove

Flavia has always been passionate about wildlife and the beauty of the earth’s diverse ecosystems. This took her on a long academic journey, which included several aspects of ecological research, and culminated in a PhD investigating the relationship between biodiversity conservation and wildlife zoonotic diseases. Since she enjoys her nerdy side, she specialised in eco-epidemiological modelling and regularly uses QGIS for her research (as well as for her lectures to undergrads). She is a supporter of open-source software. Currently, she is looking forward to start her second postdoc, after a great three years at UKCEH.

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