In this beginner’s online course, you will learn more about the biology and ecology of UK seal species that you may see around our coastline. By the end, you will appreciate their amazing lives, and start to identify these animals. Explore one of our favourite marine mammals in this 4-week online course, developed and delivered by leading seal conservation experts.

Seals are incredibly charismatic species and one of our most easily sighted iconic UK marine mammals. They live a complicated life, having to survive the challenging environment of the wild northern hemisphere oceans, plus a huge variety of terrestrial coastal environments.

This beginner course is a starting guide to the skills required to begin identifying and observing our native seals in the field. You will learn valuable observational field identification tips, life history characteristics and general ecology of the different seal species found around the British coastline plus some of our more obscure visitors. Participants will also discover the conservation efforts currently in place for UK seals and their importance as ambassadorial species engaging us all with our precious marine habitat.

Tutor: Sue Sayer

Sue is an internationally renowned researcher and author. For over 20 years, she has spent thousands of hours observing seals in the wild from land and at sea in Cornwall. To Sue, there is no such thing as an average seal. Each one looks different, has an individual personality, range of habits and migration route around the Celtic Sea! In 2000, Sue founded the Seal Research Trust in Cornwall.