This beginner course is a great place to start for those looking to improve their ability to identify a range of wildlife tracks and signs.

You will learn skills to confidently identify a variety of mammal and bird activity including the physical appearance and ID features of a tracks, feeding signs, homes, and droppings. You will also have plenty of time exploring outdoors to put your new found knowledge into practice, leaving you with a solid introduction to the world of tracking.

Wildlife tracking is an ancient science and art – one that humans once relied upon for survival. Tracking involves a range of skills such as identifying the animal that left the clue, working out what it was doing and when, and even finding the animal itself. Tracking is a great way to hone our ability to observe details around us and to build our knowledge of wildlife, specifically their presence, movements and feeding ecology. This place-based training course from the Field Studies Council includes a balance of classroom-led and outdoor learning opportunities focusing on building introductory knowledge of wildlife tracks and signs, and the identification/ understanding of some examples of these.

Tutor: David Wege

Tutor Bio 

David Wege helps teach nature tracking with Woodcraft School Ltd in Sussex. He has done this for the last 7 years, alongside a 30-year career in international biodiversity conservation with BirdLife International. David has now left the office behind to focus on reviving the art of tracking – an art that has long been lost in the UK, but which provides endless opportunities to connect with nature, survey and monitor wildlife and increase our understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the animals around us. David is a life-long, passionate birdwatcher, wildlife photographer and all-round naturalist.  


  • ★★★★★

    Really enjoyable, extremely informative and gave a huge insight into the world of animal tracking. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to expand their skills and experience with discovering all the different signs of the natural wildlife in their local area.

  • ★★★★

    Great course content and very experienced tutor