Our enhancement modules will give you access to digital resources to facilitate an extension of skills to augment the fieldwork experience accessed either through our digital, advanced digital, blended or outreach packages.

How this course fulfils the specification

Students will be introduced to various data analysis and mathematical skills that will be useful in analysis fieldwork data in ecology. Students will then practice these skills with unfamiliar data and new contexts to improve their skills and confidence in data analysis techniques. Students will also cover how to chose and justify statistical analysis techniques; a skill found difficult across the boards.

  • AQA, EDECEL A&B, OCR, EDUQAS & WJEC: Maths and arithmetic skills:
    • 1.2 – Find arithmetic means
    • 1.6 – Understand the terms mean, median and mode
    • 1.9 – Select and use a statistical test
    • 1.10 – Understand measures of dispersion, including standard deviation and range
  • IB biology and ESS – Mathematical requirements including statistical analysis
  • SQA – Mathematical requirements including statistical analysis

Added value of the course

  • Teacher Guidance on how to make effective use these digital resources within your classroom to maximise learning for your students.
  • Deliver analysis skills to match the pace and progression of your students.
  • Utilise expert knowledge in maths skills in biology.

What's Included

What’s included in this Enhancement Module resource?

  • Teacher guidance document and objectives.
  • Video lesson of the enhancement module which can be played in class as many times as you want.
  • Handout to run alongside the video.
  • A single user licence and log in for unlimited use in class at one school site. Any number of teachers at the school site can use the resources. Handouts can be downloaded and printed for any number of students at the school site.

If you would like to purchase a user licence for multiple school sites please contact us.