Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel this course, we hope you will find an event later in the year that you can attend.

This fun course is equally suitable for near beginners and those who have painted in watercolours for a while. It will teach you how different types of ink can add a dynamic addition to your watercolour paintings at different stages. You will be shown how to apply inks in many ways. We will be working outside (weather permitting) and in the studio, using techniques that you may not thought of. This is great fun and you will go home with stunning, lively, fresh watercolour and ink paintings.

Please note we have no accommodation available for this course. If you would like information on local B&B’s please contact us.

Tutor: Linda Series

Linda Series is experienced watercolourists and tutors, who greatly enjoy sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with painters of all levels of ability. Have a look at their websites. www.lindaseriesart.com

Tutor: Caroline Furlong

Caroline Furlong is an experienced watercolourists and tutor, who greatly enjoy sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with painters of all levels of ability. Have a look at her website: www.carolinefurlong.co.uk

Bring a friend!

If you are attending a course at Flatford Mill at the sole occupancy price, we are offering a special rate for a friend or partner not enrolled on the course to also stay at £50 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast.

Please contact FSC Flatford Mill on 01206 297110 or [email protected] to book this offer.

Example Timetable


This course will begin in the evening, with each student introducing themselves to give an outline of any experience of using ink in watercolours. Caroline and Linda will talk about materials, that will be used, on the course (some materials will be available to purchase if required). The group will then be shown how ink can be applied using various pens, inks,sticks,etc ,learning the marks they can make and to know where you would use these marks in a painting.


In the morning, weather permitting the group will be taken outside, where a demonstration by Caroline or Linda will show how to draw with pens (waterproof and water-soluble). The wonderful buildings around the Flatford Mill complex make this an exciting medium to work in .If we have to remain in the studio due to weather conditions, we will work from subject matter supplied by the tutors.

In the afternoon, following a step by step demonstration, you will produce a watercolour painting enhanced by pens. In the evening we will show you how to make some interesting greetings cards using the methods learnt so far.


In the morning (weather permitting) we will take the group out to a local location (we will use cars for transport). Once there Caroline or Linda will give a demonstration using stick and ink technique, the group then can do the same painting or chose a different view. You will be guided by the tutors on a good view and supported on how to use the stick and ink technique. We will be staying here until mid-afternoon giving time for you collect sketches to use later on in the course. If the weather is not good we will follow Tuesday's information. The evening will be spent watching Caroline or Linda produce another painting using a  view sketched from today.


In the morning, students will copy the demonstration given last night, using stick and ink and watercolour. Help and support will be given by both tutors.

In the afternoon you will be following a step by step demonstration, to complete a lively loose drawing in waterproof pens, then overlaid by some fresh loose watercolours washes.  Also you will start working from your own sketches material or photos to produce a painting, using any of the techniques already explored. Tutors will have material, sketches or photos if you want to use theirs. This will carry on into the evening session.


In the morning the tutors will show you how to paint with ink using a small brush, then adding watercolour washes over to give another interesting effect to your watercolour paintings, this will be followed by you, we will work from photos of the buildings around Flatford. In the early afternoon the session will be using coloured water-soluble pens we will show you how to use them to create a complexly different type of watercolour work. The afternoon will close with a very informal critique, where students can admire the work of others.

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • In Course Transport
  • Personal and Travel Insurance

Before You Attend

What to Bring

  • Brushes: You will need one round large brush – eg a no. 14 or 16, round brushes in nos. 4, 8, 10 and a rigger. It is not necessary to buy the expensive sable types: synthetic are quite adequate. However, sable will give better results, so bring them along if you already have them. Small sword liner brush
  • Colours: Either pan colours (in small plastic holders) or tube colours (recommended), are suitable. You will need a water pot and a palette (eg a white china plate) for mixing colours.
    Please bring the following colours:
    Raw Sienna
    Burnt Sienna
    Cadmium Red
    Prussian Blue
    Alizarin Crimson
    Burnt Umber
    Cobalt Blue
    Cadmium Yellow
    Light Red
  • Four or five Tombow water-soluble coloured pens in different colours (available from Tindall’s online or any other good art shops)
  • Paper: It is essential that you bring paper made specifically for watercolour painting. Suitable makes are Bockingford or Langton, obtainable in most art shops. You may also like to bring a small pad of cartridge paper for making quick sketches and notes. Paper will be available for sale. A sketch book with good quality cartridge paper.
  • Pens: Black and/or sepia waterproof pens with varying size nibs, water soluble pens if available, and a bottle of black Winsor & Newton waterproof ink.
  • Pencils: Please bring a 2B pencil for sketching.


  • Putty eraser
  • Craft knife
  • Masking tape
  • Tissues

will all be useful.

The Centre will provide drawing boards. We also have small sketching stools and easels for hire at a small charge if required.

Please note that the Centre does not stock art materials, apart from loose sheets of Bockingford 140 lb paper.