This Fern Identification course includes botany, ecology and identification of ferns in their natural habitats in North Wales.

The three days of this course will be spent in the beautiful, rugged landscape of the Snowdonia National Park, looking at Pteridophytes: ferns and their allies, in their natural habitats. Sites you will visit will include upland and lowland, acidic and alkaline habitats, ensuring that you have the opportunity to observe a variety of species from a number of families. Your study will primarily involve the identification of species, but attention will also be given to learning about basic fern ecology and factors that affect their survival.

Tutor: David G Hill

David has had a long interest in all aspects of natural history. After training in Forestry and Soil Science he has worked in Wildlife Photography, IT and Further-Education, but became interested in Biological Recording in 2011. He went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Biological Recording in 2015, with a dissertation on Marsh Clubmoss and has developed a particular passion for ferns and lycophytes. He is currently Honorary General Secretary for the British Pteridological Society, a Cofnod Director and Fellow of the Linnean Society.