Give your students the opportunity to experience a virtual field study of the River Shimna, in the spectacular Mountains of Mourne, County Down.

This digital package has been specifically designed to meet the CCEA field study requirements and will provide learners with an in depth virtual fieldwork experience, while also supplying schools with secondary data required to support GCSE and AS-Level downstream change investigations.

Student access from home

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How this course fulfils the specification

This virtual field study will take students on a journey along the Shimna River, investigating how the River Shimna changes with distance downstream.

Students will observe 5 locations along the river, beginning in the uplands of the Mourne Mountains and finishing outside the town of Newcastle. The video will provide students with a clear and stimulating insight into how the River Shimna changes with distance downstream, with opportunities to visually observe changes in the landscape and river characteristics, as well as make observations through data analysis.

The learning objectives of this virtual field study are as follows:

  • Review the data collection process
    • The video will outline the methods and equipment required to measure width, depth, bedload and velocity, at 5 sites along the river.
  • Explore two sampling techniques
    • Systematic sample and random sampling are used to collect data
  • Complete a risk assessment
    • The video will guide each student to complete a risk assessment in their worksheet.
  •  Identify limitations for each measurement
    • One limitation will be shared for each measurement, and students will be encouraged to identify further limitations.

Although this virtual field study will provide students with an in depth insight into how the River Shimna changes from source to sea, it is advisable that students have covered some river processes in class beforehand, in order to fully benefit from the content.

Added value of the course

  • Content specifically relevant to CCEA specification.
  • Data set from a real-fieldwork environment.
  • Content is 100% outdoors.
  • Suitable for GCSE and AS-Level classes.
  • Opportunity to revisit these digital fieldwork resources during revision.
screeenshot of tutor by river

What's Included

What’s included in this Digital Downstream Change investigation?

  • Teacher guidance document and objectives.
  • Resources for teacher-led introduction to the fieldwork enquiry.
  • Video lesson of fieldwork data collection method which can be played in class as many times as you want.
  • Student handouts to guide students with their investigation.
  • Resources for teacher-led follow up to the enquiry.
  • A single user licence and log in for unlimited use in class at one school site. Any number of teachers at the school site can use the resources. Handouts can be downloaded and printed for any number of students at the school site.

If you would like to purchase a user licence for multiple school sites please contact us.