Our Digital Packages will give you the access to digital resources to facilitate a virtual field trip to one of our spectacular field sites, including teacher guidance and some resources to support your delivery of teacher-led introduction and follow up sessions.

Student access from home

All our Digital products now include access for individual students from home within the course cost.

We have waived our usual fee for this add-on to support schools during the current lockdown.

This extra access for students will be added to your packages within approximately a week of purchase. Please bear with us as it is a manual process and we are currently experiencing high demand.


Watch our video introduction explaining more and showing examples of the resources included

How this course fulfils the specification

Students will see an urban landscape, with opportunities to discuss the differences between different parts of Birmingham.

The fieldwork focuses on the development of enquiry skills throughout the investigation process, and suggested work prior or following this session lends itself to enabling students to practise geographical skills such as map skills, graphical skills, cartographical skills and numerical skills.

Please note: At present this Digital Fieldwork Enquiry does not fulfil the GCSE fieldwork requirements.

  • AQA: AQA 3.2.1 Section A: Urban issues and challenges; 3.4 Geographical skills.
  • Edexcel A: A 4.5 Globalisation and economic change create challenges for the chosen UK city that require long-term solutions; Topic 7: Geographical Investigations- fieldwork.
  • Edexcel B: 3.6 Rapid population growth creates opportunities and challenges for people living in the chosen megacity; Topic 6: Geographical Investigations.
  • Eduqas A: Key Idea 2.2: Population and urban change in the UK; Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry.
  • Eduqas B: Key Idea 1.2: Urban and rural processes and change in the UK; Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry.
  • OCR A: 1.2.6 Cities have distinct challenges and ways of life, influenced by its people, culture and geography; Geographical Skills
  • OCR B: 5.2(a)What are the challenges and opportunities for cities today?; 2d – Geographical Skills including Fieldwork.
  • WJEC: Key Idea 2.2: Population and urban change in the UK; Unit 3: Fieldwork Enquiry

Added value of the course

  • Data set from a real-fieldwork environment.
  • Teacher Guidance on how to effective use these digital resources within your classroom to maximise learning for your students.
  • Deliver fieldwork skills to match the pace and progression of your students.
  • Opportunity to revisit the digital fieldwork resources during revision.
screenshot of tutor leading urban fieldwork
If you would like to extend this course we have the following digital Enhancement Module available:

What's Included

What’s included in this Digital Urban Enquiry?

  • Teacher guidance document and objectives.
  • Resources for teacher-led introduction to the fieldwork enquiry.
  • Video lesson of fieldwork data collection methods which can be played in class as many times as you want.
  • Student workbook to help students with key tasks and activities from each stage of the geographical enquiry.
  • Resources for teacher-led follow up to the enquiry.
  • A single user licence and log in for unlimited use in class at one school site. Any number of teachers at the school site can use the resources. Handouts can be downloaded and printed for any number of students at the school site.

If you would like to purchase a user licence for multiple school sites please contact us.