This course will provide opportunities for teachers to:

  • Recognise the significance and importance of GIS in everyday life and its potential in transforming geography teaching and learning, with specific reference to using GIS throughout the enquiry process.
  • Become familiar with the ways in which ArcGIS Online operates and its basic functions through the web interface.
  • Understand how to collect, manipulate and use spatial data from a variety of places including published internet sources at a range of scales.
  • Find out how to perform basic analysis within the ArcGIS Online platform.
  • See the potential for the ArcGIS Office plug-in and how it can be used to visualise spreadsheet data.
  • Be able to set -up and use the ArcGIS Collector App in order to undertake fieldwork and then create maps and analysis.
  • Take away materials that can be used at school, which will help students develop skills and participate in GIS.
  • Signpost supporting websites to get more help using the software.

Tutor: Member of FSC Education Team

The course will be led by an experienced member of the education team who has a wide range of experiences delivering fieldwork, incorporating technology into learning outside the classroom, and leading groups in the Suffolk Countryside.

Example Timetable


Arrival from 09.30 – welcome and show into rooms, tour of the centre.
10.00 - start
Introduction - Why are you here? Why are you interested in GIS? Your objectives for this weekend. Content may include:

  • Relevance and importance in geography curriculum onward.
  • Checking accounts and configuring hardware.
  • The basics, logging in and managing settings.

An introduction to ArcGIS Online (AGOL). Creating your first map –Customisation of content - changing basemaps, measure tools, adding annotations with Mapnotes. Saving and sharing.
11.15 -Tea break
11.45 - Creating excel spreadsheets for use with ArcGIS. Creating story maps.
13.00 – Lunch at centre (brought from home)
14.00 – Introduce a fieldwork day which utilises ArcGIS for enhanced presentation and analysis
Including further analysis of data such as heat mapping, hot spots and buffering.
16.30 – tea and cake break
17.00 – Behind the scenes of this day, how it is set up and how it can be shared. Putting a CSV file data into AGOL, e.g. census data; Exploring other data sources of the web, e.g., crime and statistics.
19.00 - Evening meal
Evening Session – screen free evening, trip to the pub or geocaching/star gazing.


08.00 – breakfast and make packed lunches
09.00 – Chance to explore the local area, investigation of a local village using Collector app and survey 123 and then build up a picture of the place using ArcGIS layers and census data.
12.00 - lunch
12.30 - Skills consolidation – participants will with the help of our tutor’s plan and create a resource to use at school. Data collection platform (whether collector or excel spreadsheet) and thinking about how data will be analysed.
14.45 - Review of the course – What am I going to do next?
15.00 – depart course

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Sorry this course has ended