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This course assumes no prior knowledge of geology and offers a gentle introduction to the subject in an environment full of interesting rocks which tell a fascinating tale. We start with an introduction to rocks and minerals, the building blocks of the Earth and move on to consider what rocks can tell us about the past. We investigate igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary processes and rocks with a view to understanding how they form and how we use them to build up a picture of geological history.

The course will be a mixture of lectures, practical work and field trips. Each topic is presented and followed up with practical investigations using rock and mineral samples, microscopes and thin sections, map work and other exercises. Advice and training will be offered on how to develop a field notebook and how to sketch and photograph rocks and scenery to capture geological information.

This knowledge and skill will be applied to investigate local geology through excursions into the local environment. We will start with the environs of Glenmore itself to learn more about local geology and how it paints a picture of ancient continents colliding and once mighty mountain chains. Our excursions will take us to investigate metamorphic and igneous rocks, ancient sedimentary rocks and relatively recent glacial deposits.

These field trips take us off the beaten track to some rough ground and rugged river banks. The routes will only involve 2-5 miles walking at the most and our pace will be tailored to the group but the terrain requires a reasonable level of fitness and the right equipment (see overleaf). If you have any concerns about this aspect of the course please ask for further advice.

The option of sole accommodation might be available for an extra fee by contacting us 6-8 weeks before the date of your course.

This course takes place at Glenmore Lodge

This course is part of FSC Scotland Outreach: High quality FSC courses delivered in Mainland Scotland at a variety of locations. Please note bookings are dealt with at FSC Millport, the course does not take place there.

FSC Scotland Outreach is an exciting opportunity to continue to deliver FSC Natural History Courses in the unique environments that Mainland Scotland has to offer. Started in 2019, our partnership with Glenmore Lodge has allowed us to access sites in the Cairngorms National Park where Britain’s largest, most natural habitats are home to a quarter of the UK’s rare and endangered species.

We anticipate that this course will run with between 6 and 8 participants.

Tutor: Fiona McGibbon

Fiona McGibbon is an Open University Associate Lecturer in Earth Sciences. She is an experienced field and classroom teacher and has a long connection with Kindrogan. An expert in petrology, she provides specialist services to archaeologists and works with local artists too.

What's Included

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