This beginner tree identification course will help you learn to use features such as twigs, buds and bark to identify broadleaved tree species during winter.

This is the perfect course for beginners looking to develop their broadleaf tree identification skills using features other than leaves.

This tree identification course will cover an overview of the changes broadleaved trees undergo during the winter season, the key features needed to identify trees in winter (twigs, buds and bark) and species profiles for a number of common UK broadleaf tree species. By the end of the course, you will be able to use botanical terms to describe key winter tree features and use them to recognise a variety of common tree species in the UK.


Tutor: Diego Sánchez-Ganfornina

Diego Sánchez-Ganfornina is a botanist and educator with interests in bryology and plant ecology, living and working in Edinburgh. With a passion for nature since an early age, Diego's knowledge and experience has developed in different countries and habitats. He has participated in a variety of research and education projects over the years and is now informing conservation priorities in arid rangelands in Saudi Arabia; researching several Australasian moss taxa, and developing + delivering educational activities at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. All projects Diego participates in have a common theme: that of having an immediate impact on the climate crisis, be it through conservation, ecological restoration, education or the raising of public awareness.

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