During this beginner course, you will be introduced to more advanced morphological features which will aid with the accurate identification of 8 of the UK’s spider families, 8 distinctive genera and 10 distinctive species of spiders found in Britain.

There are over 650 spider species in the British Isles and despite being an invertebrate that is commonly found in our homes and gardens, relatively few people know how to identify the different species. Join our tutor to discuss the identification features of a variety of UK spider species that can be identified in the field.

Tutor: Martin Frost

Martin has been interested in spiders for longer than he can remember, but his interest in identifying and recording them really kicked off when attending a course run by a predecessor project to FSC BioLinks. He has led multiple public education events related to spiders and has a wider interest in natural history. He has a number of green-fanged tube-web spiders (Segestria florentina) living in his garden.

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition

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