Based on the architecture and scenery of FSC Margam Discovery Centre, this course is designed to teach you how to make best use of your sketchbook to document your surroundings and develop your ideas. We look at the structure of this building, how to draw its textures, multiple reflections through its windows and then widen our search to draw what we can find in the park including the view of Port Talbot.

There is no easy plan or any hard and fast rules for you to follow. Instead, we concentrate on introducing you to a variety of approaches: some of which you will find suit you, and others that you may find less helpful. Together we will look at how to gather and assemble information, how and what to draw in your sketchbook and how to develop layouts and designs from your sketches.

Sketchbooks, Artists’ Journals, Art Diaries, Art Journals or Visual Journals are visual notebooks of your ideas. They contain sketches, diary notes, ideas, rough workings, words or poems and records your day to day thoughts and activities. There are no specific rules that you have to follow, but there are basic similarities to all sketch-booking genres. Your sketchbook is an opportunity for unstructured thought, a place for curiosity, exploration and experimentation. Sometime referred to as creative immersion, it is the place where you process and develop thoughts without a planned outcome. It is the processes that you use in your sketchbook that are important, not the finished pages.

Suitable for everyone: whether you are a painter, sketcher, crafter or printmaker. Whether you already use a sketchbook, or just a beginner.

Tutor: Debora Cane

Debora is an enthusiastic art tutor with over 30 years’ experience. All of her courses concentrate on simple concepts and practical techniques and are suitable for everyone

What's Included

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  • Personal and Travel Insurance
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