Oyster Restoration in the UK: Restoring a Forgotten Ecosystem

Natural History Live by Celine Gamble on behalf of ZSL

Oysters are most commonly associated with a seafood restaurant on a plate, with a glass of champagne. However, our European native oyster provides us with a number of ecosystem services, such as cleaning our water and providing a home for other marine species. European native oysters have declined by over 95% over the past 150 years. During this presentation Celine will explore native oyster restoration efforts in the UK.

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Tutor: Celine Gamble

Celine works at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) as a Project Manager in the Conservation and Policy department. She is also a Visiting Researcher at the University of Portsmouth, and her work focuses on marine habitat restoration in the UK.


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Example Timetable

The usual format of Natural history Live virtual events is:

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