Introducing a figure or figures into a painting can animate a composition, injecting life and movement into a scene; the eye is naturally drawn to the figure, so it will therefore form a natural focal point as well as give a sense of scale. Through group and individual tuition, Carole will show you how to simplify drawing a figure or group of figures. You can work in your own choice of medium and choose to add figures to your existing paintings (depending on the medium) or work on new pieces inspired by the surrounding landscape and buildings or working from your own or Carole’s photographs.

Tutor: Carole Massey

Carole Massey has been a professional artist for many years and is a very supportive and popular tutor whose courses are renowned for their versatility and enjoyment. She has published six books, has made a number of appearances on national TV, is a regular contributor to the Leisure Painter magazine as well as online painting websites. She has exhibited and demonstrated at the Mall Galleries, in East Anglia and in France, and was honoured with a portrait commission of Sir Charlie Bean, retiring deputy of the Bank of England, where the painting now hangs.

Bring a friend!

If you are attending a course at Flatford Mill at the sole occupancy price, we are offering a special rate for a friend or partner not enrolled on the course to also stay at £50 per night for dinner, bed and breakfast.

Please contact FSC Flatford Mill on 01206 297110 or [email protected] to book this offer.

Example Timetable

Friday and Saturday

We will start by doing a number of drawing exercises to improve your drawing of both stationary and moving figures before moving on to consider composition, scale and perspective.

Depending on the weather over the weekend we may be able to spend a short session outside sketching passing visitors to Flatford.

On Saturday evening after supper, Carole will do a demonstration.


You will be able to work on your own choice of subject either adding figures to existing paintings (easier if you are using acrylics or pastels) or start a new painting which includes figures.


What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • In Course Transport
  • Personal and Travel Insurance

Before You Attend

What to Bring


  • 2B or 4B pencil and kneadable eraser and ruler
  • Good quality cartridge paper in a pad, or sheets (A3 size approx – 16 ½ x 11 ¾ “ (420 x 297)
  • A sketchbook
  • Tracing paper, or see-through greaseproof paper
  • Optional - Pastel paper - grey or buff size as above and charcoal, conté sticks or pastel pencils – Black or brown and white + white pastel
  • Masking tape or clips to secure you artwork
  • Conte sticks or pencils – Black and white or charcoal + white pastel


  • Please bring paper, paints and brushes according to what painting medium you choose to work in – watercolours, acrylics and /or soft pastels

If you need specific advice on any medium please email Carole on [email protected]

Reference material

Please bring a sample/s of work which you wish to “populate” and reference for drawing figures from photos or newspaper cuttings  - or use Carole’s references.