Restoring Wilder Worlds: Rewilding and Species Reintroductions

Natural History Live by Peter Cooper

Both reintroducing lost species and letting natural processes take the driving seat through ‘rewilding’ have become increasingly popular and undertaken in recent years. Both are often viewed in the same breath, but there are notable differences and often misunderstanding in what exactly they mean on occasion. Pete will give an overview of the successes, lessons and complexities of these projects and what they mean for a wilder Britain.

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Tutor: Peter Cooper

Pete is an ecologist, researcher and guide at the Derek Gow Consultancy & Rewilding Coombeshead, working with various native species breeding and reintroduction projects including schemes on wildcats, glow-worms and harvest mice.


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Example Timetable

The usual format of Natural History Live virtual events is:

  • 5 minute intro by the FSC Biodiversity project team
  • 30-40 minute talk presented by guest speaker
  • 15-25 minute speaker Q&A session hosted by a FSC staff member

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition

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