Migration has long been thought of as mysterious.

This course takes a look at the migration of birds in detail. We will explore why migration happens and how it happens. We will examine the worldwide movement of birds paying particular attention to Western Europe and of course the UK and East Anglia. We will also discuss vagrancy in birds and what that can tell us about migration and populations.

Tutor: Carl Chapman

Carl Chapman runs a wildlife tour business based in North Norfolk and has done so for the last 14 years. He runs tours around Norfolk as well as other parts of East Anglia and other parts of the UK looking at birds as well as other wildlife. Carl also is a qualified photographer and teaches wildlife photography.
He is a qualified ornithologist and also has a keen interest in cetology. Carl is Norfolk’s Cetacean Recorder and works for several charities including Sea Watch Foundation, AFON (A Focus on Nature) and BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue). He also chaired the NNNS (Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists’ Society) through its 150th year and still plays an active role chairing the Liaison Committee of the Society which actively protects the county’s wildlife.

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