This beginner Natterjack toad course covers the identification and ecology of this protected species, as well as survey techniques. This course is aimed at environmental consultants, land agents, and planners, but anyone with an interest in Natterjack toads is welcome to attend!

This beginner course will cover all aspects of Natterjack toad ecology, surveying, and licensing. The course will combine classroom and field learning techniques, allowing you to gain confidence in Natterjack identification and an understanding of licensing issues and ecology. You will visit one of the most successful Natterjack toad sites in South West Scotland to look for Natterjack toads at different life stages. If the weather conditions are favourable, we would hope to see and hear adult males calling around the breeding pools! You will be visiting ponds at night to count amphibians, so a good torch is an essential piece of equipment.

Tutor: Yvette Martin

Yvette Martin is the Amphibian Conservation Officer at Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC). Yvette has worked at ARC for almost 7 years and she coordinates the national recovery programme for the natterjack toad.  Yvette started working at ARC as part of a knowledge exchange programme in 2015, for 3 years Yvette worked alongside the then Amphibian Conservation Officer John Buckley where she gain valuable insight into the conservation coordination for natterjack toads

Tutor: Dorothy Driver

Dorothy is one of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s (ARC) species team, in her role as Species Coordinator and Great Crested Newt Conservation Officer. Her role includes policy and advocacy work, training and contributing to the National Amphibian and Reptile Monitoring Programme. Dorothy has worked for ARC (formerly the Herpetological Conservation Trust) since 2004.

What's Included

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