• ladybirds guide
  • Harvestmen guide

4 for £10: Spots, scales and skeletons

Exploring the countryside this summer? This explorer bundle contains 4 FSC identification guides to take with you.

Ladybirds guide

The FSC Ladybirds fold-out guide covers the adults of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields show the key colours and patterns to look out. Accompanying thumbnail illustrations show actual life size.

Reptiles and amphibians guide

Toads, frogs, newts, lizards and snakes… the FSC Reptiles and amphibians guide features 13 species of reptile and amphibian which breed in Great Britain. Five of these species also breed in Ireland. Beautiful colour illustrations highlight the key characters for each species. Also included are pictures of the spawn, tadpoles, froglets and newtlets. There are separate images of males, females and juveniles for the lizards, slow worm and snakes.

Owls and owl pellets guide

The FSC Owls and owl pellets guide is two guides in one. A field guide to adult owls, and a guide to investigating owl pellets. It features beautiful colour paintings of the 5 owls living in the wild in Britain and Ireland. Owls are shown both perched and in flight.

Harvestmen guide

The FSC Harvestmen guide features photographs of all species found in the wild in Britain and Ireland. These spider-like animals are often seen in late summer and autumn. The accompanying species identification table covers the body size, body shape, colour and adult activity for each species.