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AIDGAP and guide: Bugs

Special offer for June 2021: an AIDGAP plus a fold-out guide for £10.


FSC Bugs AIDGAP covers the families of adults of bugs in Britain and Ireland. It is designed for use with unprepared specimens at low magnification.

There are over 1600 species of true bug (Order Hemiptera) in Britain and Ireland, ranging in size from less than a millimetre to forty millimetres in length. They have mouthparts in the form of a rostrum, sometimes called a beak. Bugs feed on fluids, which may be of plant or animal origin.

Shieldbugs fold-out guide

The FSC Shieldbugs guide features colour photographs of 45 shieldbugs and leatherbugs from Britain and Ireland.

Accompanying text on the reverse side includes a table of identification characteristics for each species, covering body length, body structure, colours, habitat, rarity, and distribution in the British Isles. Their young (called nymphs) pass through several moults, becoming more like adults at each stage, so this guide includes late instar nymphs where distinctive.

Shieldbugs look somewhat like beetles but have sucking mouthparts instead of mandibles. Many shieldbugs are colourful, and even have metallic colours. The apparent colour of shieldbugs results from a combination of two things: the background colour and surface punctures.