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AIDGAP and guide: Caddis

Special offer for June 2021: an AIDGAP plus a fold-out guide for £10.

Caddis larvae AIDGAP

The Caddis larvae AIDGAP covers all caddis larvae found in Britain and Ireland.

The keys are for living specimens in the field, using features visible with a hand lens. Where possible identification goes to species level. Unlike previous keys, you do not need a microscope to use this guide.

Caddis larvae are very familiar aquatic insects. There is great fascination with their well-known case-building habits and abundance in many kinds of freshwater.

Caddis adults AIDGAP

FSC Caddis adults AIDGAP is an identification guide to families of adult caddisflies in Britain. Identification goes to species level where possible.

Many moth recorders will have found caddisflies in light traps, but perhaps never attempted identification. Caddisflies are also familiar to fly fishermen, who imitate them with artificial flies.

For people unfamiliar with the group, opening a specialist identification book on caddisflies can seem daunting. So this concise guide is a gentle first step. There is a photo of a representative species, along with useful features such as flight period and wing length. There are currently 199 species in the British Isles, with around 1400 species in Europe and over 12,000 worldwide.