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AIDGAP and guide: Trees

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Winter trees AIDGAP

Winter trees AIDGAP is a photo guide to 36 common broad-leaved deciduous trees in the UK.

Identifying trees without leaves seems like a daunting challenge. But a closer look will reveal a multitude of slowly swelling buds. Buds are extremely varied, and often easy to learn and remember. The guide includes photos and concise descriptions of four particularly useful characters: buds, twig structure, bark and general shape of the tree or shrub.

There is a summary table of all bud photos and descriptions for rapid comparison. So with a little practice, you will find that most winter trees are easy to identify. But for the small number that might cause problems, the authors include a separate ‘Confusable species’ section.

Trees fold-out guide

The FSC Tree name trail features 34 of the commonest broadleaved and conifer trees found in Great Britain and Ireland.

Use the guide’s straightforward flow chart for speedy tree identification. Want to tell apart beech and hornbeam? Maple and sycamore? Ash and rowan? Simple yes/no questions will quickly guide you to the colour illustrations for each tree.

Text on the reverse side covers the features of each tree, including leaf shape, flowers, bark, fruits and seeds, habitat, origin and commercial use. Having decided your specimen is a tree, the coloured flow chart will provide you with a name. You can then check your identification using the tree identification guide.