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AIDGAP pair: Beetles & Bugs

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Beetles AIDGAP

FSC Beetles AIDGAP is an identification guide to the families of beetles (Coleoptera and Strepsiptera) in Britain and Ireland.

Beetles are a large and complex group of insects. Comprehensive identification guides can seem daunting. So AIDGAP Beetles offers a more gentle way in.

Designed for use with unprepared specimens at low magnification, this guide enables non-specialists to identify all the families of British and Irish beetles. The author has avoided complex terminology, obscure characters and the need for expensive equipment. In addition to the keys, there are concise ecological notes for each beetle family.


FSC Bugs AIDGAP covers the families of adults of bugs in Britain and Ireland. It is designed for use with unprepared specimens at low magnification.

There are over 1600 species of true bug (Order Hemiptera) in Britain and Ireland, ranging in size from less than a millimetre to forty millimetres in length. They have mouthparts in the form of a rostrum, sometimes called a beak. Bugs feed on fluids, which may be of plant or animal origin.

These two guides are part of the FSC’s AIDGAP series (Aids to Identification in Difficult Groups of Animals and Plants). Our AIDGAP guides are accessible identification keys, suitable for non-specialists from age 16+. As with all guides in the series, the Beetles and Bugs AIDGAPs underwent extensive testing before publication, by beginners and specialists alike.