Aphids 2

The Aphids 2 RES Handbook completes the coverage of the British species.

It covers seven subfamilies (Anoeciinae, Lachninae, Eriosomatinae, Phloeomyzinae, Thelaxinae, Hormaphidinae and Mindarinae), represented in Britain by 105 species in 35 genera. They encompass a great diversity of life-styles, ranging from the Eulachnini with Cinara and other major pests of conifers, to the Eriosomatini and Pemphigini, which induce galls on elms and poplars and then migrate to colonise the roots of various herbaceous plants.

For each subfamily there are keys for the identification of tribes, genera and species, and also for morphs within species. The systematic account includes biological information and photo-micrographs of each species. Wherever possible distinguishing characters are provided that are amenable to the non-specialist.

Although identification may initially seem daunting, it helps that many aphid species are host specific. To assist with identification, two additional field keys are included: keys to aphids on conifers and keys to aphids on plant roots.

RES Handbook vol 2 part 8