Aphids 1

The Aphids – Aphidinae (Macrosiphini) RES Handbook covers the Macrosiphini Tribe within the Subfamily Aphidinae. The volume features identification keys to genera and species, along with a a checklist and a list of native host plants.

Species accounts cover the biology of each species. Also included with the book is an accompanying CD, which covers the morphological features of almost all of the species in more detail.

The Macrosiphini are the predominant group of aphids on herbaceous plants in Britain, and indeed the world. There are 305 British species and subspecies, comprising 49% of the 620 aphids on the British list. The species in this tribe include many important pests. Although some of these aphids are highly polyphagous, many others feed more-or-less specifically on a single host plant. Overall aphids have great ecological significance, and play a significant role in natural food chains.

Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects is a series of books produced by the Royal Entomological Society (RES). Each Handbook provides illustrated identification keys to the insects of Britain, together with concise morphological, biological and distributional information. Accordingly all books contain line drawings, and the most recent volumes feature colour photographs. The RES Handbooks are suitable for experienced users. The series also includes several Check Lists of British Insects. Field Studies Council has published RES Handbooks for many years. Many out-of-print Handbooks are now available for free download from the RES.

RES Handbook vol 2 part 7