• Garden birds guide
  • land mammals guide
  • minibeasts
  • spiders guide

Autumn means cooler days and longer nights. But there’s no need to retreat indoors just yet. There’s still plenty of wildlife to see. Each Autumn Bundle contains 4 fold-out guides featuring autumn wildlife to spot in gardens, parks and the countryside.

  • Top 50 garden birds features the commonest 50 birds found in gardens in Britain and Ireland. Gardens are wonderful places for bird watching in the autumn. Although some summer visitors have now left, many of our best-loved birds are resident all year round. Many adult birds go into hiding to moult in August, but they reappear in September and October. Later in the autumn the first winter visitors arrive.
  • Land mammals features all the major wild and naturalised land mammals of Britain and Ireland, including rodents, insectivores, carnivores, rabbits, hares and deer. Accompanying text describes the body size, body colour and shape, habitat and distribution in Britain and Ireland.
  • Spiders features 40 common species of spiders in buildings and gardens. The guide features beautiful colour paintings of each spider by Richard Lewington. We have sorted these paintings by habitat, so you can quickly narrow down the choices.
  • Garden bugs and beasties features the commonest minibeasts you will find in a garden. Head down your garden and peer among the flowers, grasses and plant pots. You will find an amazing range of little creatures.