• Tree name trail
  • Flowers of walks and waysides

Autumn means cooler days and longer nights. But there’s no need to retreat indoors just yet. There’s still plenty of wildlife to see. Each Autumn Bundle contains 4 fold-out guides featuring autumn wildlife to spot in gardens, parks and the countryside.

  • Tree name trail features 34 of the commonest broadleaved and conifer trees found in Great Britain and Ireland. Use the guide’s straightforward flow chart for speedy tree identification. Want to tell apart beech and hornbeam? Maple and sycamore? Ash and rowan? Simple yes/no questions will quickly guide you to the colour illustrations for each tree.
  • Flowers of walks and waysides features 42 common wild flowers of Britain and Ireland. Are you looking for a fast guide to wild flowers? Grassy tracks, quiet lanes, hedgerows, playing fields and canal towpaths are a great place to look. Often these walks and waysides are a haven for wildlife, supporting an amazing diversity of flowering plants.
  • Hedgerows features beautiful colour paintings of the common woody plants, wild flowers, birds, mammals and invertebrates that live in the British hedgerow. Text on the reverse side covers the importance of hedgerows to the landscape and to plants and animals, plus the management of hedges for wildlife.
  • Garden mosses and liverworts features 6 liverworts and 18 mosses commonly found in gardens and elsewhere in towns. Although small, mosses and liverworts can be found nearly everywhere. Towns and gardens are a great place to look, to find mosses and liverworts growing on damp bricks and tarmac as well as on lawns and plant pots.