Banchine Wasps

Banchine wasps

The Banchine wasps RES Handbook is an identification guide to the 138 British species of wasp in the subfamily Banchinae.

The keys are based on a full taxonomic revision, including reference to the accessible type specimens. Indeed some of the genera (Glypta, Lissonota, Cryptopimpla and Exetastes) have undergone full revisionary treatment. The creation of species groups has been necessary in the two very large genera Glypta and Lissonota, especially within the large subgenus Campocineta in Lissonota. There are ten new species. In addition the Handbook includes a general introduction to the group, species accounts and a survey of all verified host relationships.

Banchinae is a subfamily of ichneumonid parasitoid wasps. All banchine wasps are endoparasites of the Lepidoptera: butterflies and moths. Moth trappers may chiefly recognise these ichneumon wasps as invaders of light-traps

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RES Handbook Vol 7 Part 4