Beetles Bundle

Special offer for Spring 2021: get four FSC fold-out guides for just £10. Four great guides from ladybirds to longhorns to help you dive into the world of the coleopterist.

FSC Ladybirds

The FSC Ladybirds fold-out guide covers the adults of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields show the key colours and patterns to look out. Accompanying thumbnail illustrations show actual life size. Ladybirds are beetles. They have their own family within the beetle order. Worldwide there are over 5000 species. Like all beetles, ladybirds have biting mouthparts and hard wing cases. Many ladybirds are predatory. They feed on aphids and scale insects. Others graze mildew, while a couple of species feed on plants.

FSC Ladybird larvae

The FSC Ladybird larvae guide features the larvae and pupae of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Just like butterflies, ladybirds go through a 4 stage life cycle from egg, to larva, to pupa and then to adult. Even though ladybird larvae are easy to find, they are not well known. They look so different to adult ladybirds. But with the Ladybird larvae guide, you can identify all the final instar larvae of these 26 species of ladybirds by eye. This guide also includes photographs of the pupae of 12 common species.

FSC Longhorn beetles

Covering 42 British species, the FSC Longhorn beetles fold-out guide is the first popular field guide for many years to these large and colourful insects. Beautiful colour paintings by acclaimed artist Richard Lewington show the key markings and body shape of each species. The longhorn beetles are one of Britain’s most spectacular families of insects. Their distinctively long antennae help distinguish the group. Hawthorn, when in blossom between April and June, attracts many species. Later in the summer, hogweed is very attractive to longhorn beetles.

FSC Garden bugs and beasties

Head down your garden and peer among the flowers, grasses and plant pots. You will find an amazing range of little creatures. From shieldbugs to spiders, from froghoppers to flower beetles, the FSC Garden bugs and beasties fold-out guide features the commonest minibeasts you will find in a garden.