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Bird hotel wildlife pack

Providing food and shelter is a great way to help garden wildlife. Tiny insects and invertebrates, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes and birds all live in – or visit – both rural and urban gardens. Providing nest boxes and other homes, food and water all helps wildlife flourish and we can enjoy watching them.

This pack contains a Bird nest box, a WildID guide to the birds that you may see in your garden, and a Wildlife homes booklet.

Our newly updated park and garden bird guide features an illustrated bird chart covering the top 50 British birds found in gardens, parks, ponds and rivers.

The bird guide consists of 8 fold-out pages featuring full-colour illustrations, making the identification of birds easy to follow. There’s a further bird identification guide on the reverse side, with a text description of the characteristics of each species, including length, wingspan, and preferred food.

We have teamed up with Wildlife and Birdcare to bring you a sturdy nest box, made from Larch a wood that is sourced from certified, sustainable UK forests, it’s home-grown and is a natural water repellent and will last several years. These lovely boxes are handmade in Staffordshire by people with learning disabilities and autism. Wildlife and Birdcare share our passion for nature, and design and produce a range of high-quality habitat homes, bug hotels.