• Garden birds guide
  • owl pellets guide
  • birds of prey guide
  • Ducks geese and swans guide

Birds Bundle

Special offer for Spring 2021: get four FSC fold-out guides for just £10. Four great guides with over 100 different birds to spot in the garden, parks, ponds and woodland.

FSC Top 50 garden birds

Top 50 garden birds fold-out guide covers the commonest 50 birds found in gardens in Britain and Ireland. Gardens are wonderful places for bird watching. Making a garden birds list is a great first step into wildlife identification. Some species, like Blackbird and Robin, are instantly recognisable. But for others you might need to take a closer look. Is that a Greenfinch or a Siskin at the bird feeder? Can you tell apart a Blue Tit from a Great Tit? How about a Bullfinch from a Chaffinch? The FSC Top 50 garden birds guide can help!

FSC Owls and owl pellets

The FSC Owls and owl pellets guide is two guides in one.

  • A field guide to adult owls.
  • A guide to investigating owl pellets.

FSC Birds of prey

From buzzards to harriers and falcons to eagles: the FSC Birds of prey guide features all 15 day-flying raptor species that breed in the UK. Birds of prey can be highly variable and your view of the bird may be fleeting. But by looking at pictures side-by-side you can generally narrow down the choice to two or three species. To help confirm raptor identification, we have included particular features to look out for. For each bird these include size, habitat, range, flight pattern and possible confusion species.

FSC Ducks, geese and swans

Visiting a wetland bird reserve? Or maybe you just want a concise reference guide to the identification of the birds you see at a local pond? The FSC Ducks, geese and swans fold-out guide could be the answer! It features all 32 of the wild waterfowl seen in Britain and Ireland.