• Mammal tracks and signs guide
  • Bird tracks

Bushcraft Bundle

Going camping this summer? We’ve chosen 4 FSC insect guides for explorers, bushcrafters and dreamers, from foraging for food, tracking mammals and birds and a night under the stars.

FSC Foraging

The FSC Foraging guide is a great guide to take on a walk with children. It covers the top 25 most common and tasty plants that can be found from just outside your front door. Beautiful colour illustrations and identification table will give you confidence in identifying which species to eat. Also included are some common lookalikes to avoid. What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to go and find your own food for free? This fun activity is also a fabulous way of getting children engaged with nature, creating childhood memories filled with picking and eating blackberries.

FSC Mammal tracks and signs

The FSC Mammal tracks and signs guide features clear illustrations of the tracks left by mammals with paws (dog, fox, cat, rabbit, hare, otter, mink, polecat, pine marten, badger, weasel, shrew, hedgehog, mouse, rat, water vole and squirrel), and prints left by mammals with cloven hooves (sheep, wild boar and different species of deer).

FSC Bird tracks and signs

The FSC Bird tracks and signs guide shows some of the common or distinctive bird tracks and signs you can find in gardens, woodland, sandy beaches and muddy places. Learn to spot the signs left by birds, including footprints, tracks, feeding evidence and the different types of droppings. The front side features colour illustrations of the four main types of footprint. Use this guide to tell apart starlings from sparrows, gulls from ducks, crows from buzzards, blackbirds from woodpigeons, and many more.

FSC Night sky

The FSC Night sky guide is a quick guide to the stars of spring, summer, autumn and winter. You don’t need a telescope to study the objects in the sky. Instead ordinary binoculars will show you a great deal. As well as using them to identify the planets, they will show you stars and other objects that are invisible to the naked eye. This guide tells you how to identify planets, stars and constellations. Maps of the main features pick out the main constellations for each season. Accompanying text covers the Earth’s moon, planets of the Solar System, comets and the aurora.