Butterfly bag plus Pollinator pack

Summer 2020 Bundle saving: FSC Butterfly bag plus Pollinator pack.

Why not carry your books in style with the FSC Butterfly design natural cotton shopping bag? Made with sturdy 8oz natural cotton, it’s strong enough for regular shopping trips. Featuring a colourful design of butterflies, meaning you will always have a aid to butterfly identification with you. This will brighten up any day and also make an attractive gift for any butterfly lover. These reusable cotton bags help reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, helping you do your bit to help the environment. Dimensions 380 x 420mm, with shoulder length straps/handles.

Designed to encourage bees and other pollinators in your garden or local area, FSC Pollinator pack includes

  • Pack of beebombs (enough to cover 2 square metres with wildlfowers)
  • Bees guide
  • Butterflies guide
  • Day-flying Moths guide
  • 4 planting markers
  • Pencil and magnifier

Beebombs are made up of 18 species of native wildflower seeds, mixed with nurturing soil and protective clay. Just throw your beebombs onto cleared ground, making sure they have sun and rain. The soil will help them germinate and the clay will protect and dissipate the seeds. Beebombs are best scattered in spring or autumn.