• Insects summer wildlife bundle
  • Ladybirds
  • Butterflies
  • dragonflies guide


Summer wildlife bundle

May and June are fantastic months for getting outside to explore nature. But you don’t have to go far. Our summer wildlife bundle features over 100 different insects for you to find this summer: in gardens, the countryside and woodland.

Ladybirds guide

The FSC Ladybirds fold-out guide covers the adults of 26 species in Britain and Ireland. Paintings by Chris Shields show the key colours and patterns to look out. Accompanying thumbnail illustrations show actual life size. The reverse side of the guide includes a ladybird identification table. This table covers the colour pattern, habitat, distribution, status and overwintering site for each species. There are also concise descriptions of the anatomy, life-cycle and diet of ladybirds.

Butterflies guide

The FSC Butterflies guide features all 60 wild butterflies found in Britain and Ireland. It’s designed for speedy butterfly identification in the field, with colour life-size paintings of each butterfly by acclaimed artist Richard Lewington. We have shown both upper wings and under wings, so you can identify butterflies in flight and at rest. Similar looking butterflies are close to each other for easy comparison. Making a butterfly list is a great first step into wildlife identification.

Dragonflies guide

The FSC Dragonflies guide features adults of 16 damselfly species and 28 dragonfly species. Designed for dragonfly identification in the field, it includes beautiful colour paintings, shown at life-size, by Richard Askew. We have included different forms for males and females throughout. Similar looking species are close to each other for easy comparison.