• Nature notebook ladybirds
  • Nature notebook ladybirds

Nature notebook: Ladybirds

A5 in size and with 96 pages of white recycled paper, the Ladybirds nature notebook has plenty of room to jot down your lists, notes and observations. Beautiful colour paintings of ladybirds by Chris Shields decorate the front and back covers. It’s both recycled and recyclable, made from Forestry Stewardship Council 100% post-consumer paper throughout.

This stylish notebook will make a beautiful yet practical gift for any wildlife watcher. The sturdy hardback covers are slightly oversized to protect the pages inside. Overall it’s tough enough to survive being carried around in a backpack or briefcase all day. Yet it’s still stylish enough to brighten up a desk or table at home or at work.

  • Dimensions: A5 portrait (148 mm x 210 mm, or 5 7/8 in x 8 1/4 in).
  • Hardback.

Ladybirds are some of our best-loved insects, but not everyone knows there are so many. Often called the gardener’s friend, there are in fact 46 different species in Britain and Ireland. This nature notebook features nine, from common ladybirds like the Harlequin and 7-spot, to rarer species like Heather and Eyed Ladybirds. Like all beetles, ladybirds have biting mouthparts and hard wing cases. Many ladybirds are predatory, feeding on aphids and scale insects. Others graze mildew, while a couple of species feed on plants.

The Ladybirds nature notebook supports the work of Field Studies Council, helping us to inspire and excite everyone about nature through first-hand experiences outdoors. Every year we connect over 165,000 people with nature through first hand experiences outdoors. People learn to protect our environment, improve wellbeing and live sustainably. We want to create a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it.