Paired pack: Rocks / Fossils / Lichens

Summer 2020 offer: Save by buying two Wildlife Packs together

FSC Rocks and fossils wildlife pack features three of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides

  • Rocks – featuring colour photos of over 60 common rocks, with examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks included
  • Minerals – featuring photos of 71 common minerals, with guidance on colour, hardness, lustre, mineral habit, cleavage and fracture properties included
  • Fossils – featuring colour photos of 71 common fossils, with representative fossils from a wide range of geological periods

FSC Lichens wildlife pack features six of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides. These colourful and widespread organisms can be seen all year round.

  • Lichens on twigs
  • Churchyard lichens
  • Urban lichens 1 (on trees and wood)
  • Urban lichens 2 (on stone and soil)
  • Rocky shore lichens
  • Lichens of heaths and moors