Paired packs: Mammals / flying things

Summer 2020 offer: Save by buying two Wildlife Packs together

FSC Mammals wildlife pack features three of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides. You don’t have to go far to find wildlife in Britain. Track the animals that come into your garden.

  • British land mammals – identify all the rodents (shrews, mice and voles) as well as larger animals from stoats and polecats to hares and deer
  • Mammal tracks and signs – follow the footprints found in mud, sand and snow
  • British bats – put a name to Britain’s flying mammals

FSC Flying things wildlife pack features five of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides. Find out the names of those insects that buzz, drift or zoom around your garden.

  • Day-flying moths – not all moths come out at night! Over 100 species fly by day, many of them large and colourful
  • Butterflies – includes all the species that you are likely to see
  • Hawkmoths – Britain’s largest moths are surprisingly common. Both adult moths and caterpillars are included
  • Bees – including all the common bumble bees and some of the solitary bees found in gardens
  • Dragonflies and damselflies – incredible airborne acrobats