FSC Saltmarsh plants identification guide

From eelgrass to glasswort, from sea aster to scurvy grass, the FSC Saltmarsh plants identification guide features 40 species of plants found on muddy seashores.

Organised by height above sea level, this chart includes mudflat plants (such as eelgrass and Spartina), lower saltmarsh species (such as annual sea blite), upper marsh species (such as common sea-lavender), and a representative guide to the commoner species found above high tide level (such as golden samphire).

On the reverse side there is a full identification key based on plant shape and leaf characteristics, so that plants can be identified even when they are not in flower.

The chart is ideal for students who need a quick but reliable key to saltmarsh plant identification as part of fieldwork on saltmarsh succession and zonation. This chart is suitable for GCSE and A level fieldwork investigations into a halosere.


Oldham & Roberts

ISBN 9781851538669